Cleaning Products

Our unique Termorens cleaning product uses an anodic oxidation method to thoroughly clean, and customers operating costs in terms of lower energy consumption and maintenance. It is used for all waterborne systems in many countries

Termorens dissolves internal (pipe) growth in the form of rust, lime, humus, etc. and removes legionella and other organic bacteria in pipelines and tanks without the addition of chlorine dioxide, copper / silver or other biocides. Saving our environment and customers large operating costs and expensive service agreements related to legionella or other bacteria issues. The anodic oxidation method is described today by most plumbing consultants and is the most widely used and best system for protection against legionella. It is a sustainable, green product that effectively removes bacteria and most other growth.

Industrial plants do not need the addition of heavy metals or chemicals. Termorens takes care of your facilities with affordable service agreements, so you can use your operating personnel for other and more important tasks.

We also recommend to engage us preventively. If you wait until a bacteria outbreak occurs or the piping system cannot deliver, it is often too late and more expensive. Having extensive experience we are always ready to help you when the problem arises or with good advice before something happens.

Fal Group, for a secure and energy efficient future.

Environment friendly

Can be used in all systems that contain water, is biodegradable and contains no toxins

Long Term Effect

Dissolves internal coating, as pipe systems sooner or later get internal growth in the form of rust, lime, humus, etc. Such coatings prevent heat and cold transfer in heating and cooling systems and reduce the amount of water that can be delivered in water pipes.

Full effect

Is produced in the EU, supplied to many industries and exported all over the world.


Removes all scale in a fast, efficient way. The coating dissolves all the way back to the liquid form and when cleaning process is completed, the system is flushed clean. After flushing, the system returns to normal operation.

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