Fal Group Air-conditioning services

The extreme Kuwait weather makes air-conditioning an important aspect in offices, malls, shops and homes. Having regular maintenance and service is very important to avoid any kind of disruption. Crucial for your quality of life, productivity and day to day life.

Fal is specialized in all air-conditioning equipment related services. We minimize any disruptions and provides necessary repair or maintenance when needed.

Over a decade of proven experience, certifications and state of the art solutions assures you only receive the best air-conditioning services possible. This includes air-conditioning repair, servicing and full maintenance contracts. For all major equipment types such as split units, ducted AC and ceiling mounted AC.

Certified Company

Professional Staff

Fast Process

Our Services



Prevent high utility bills and repairs with a Maintenance Agreement



Our trained specialists can properly repair your unit, and get it back up and running quickly.



We can thoroughly exam your units and advice if they need to be replaced. An installation advice is provided as well.



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